Condobolin Central School

Condobolin Central School required car park and oval lighting to provide safety and security for evening and school functions. The School also felt it was an important message to students on the significance of using renewable energy as a lighting solution.

Time and disruption was a concern for the school with installation works – due to no trenching or cabling required our commercial systems were installed within half the time frame compared to grid connected systems resulting in a more cost effective alternative.

Solar lighting was installed at 60W LED within oval areas and car park to achieve the AS/NZS 1158 P2 lighting levels.

Alkane Mining

The brief was to install traffic light systems and over height safety detection for Alkane open cut gold mine. The operation was to run solely on renewable energy, The comparison cost savings of solar verses grid power was more than halved in timing and construction cost.

  1. Traffic light system that is to operate and gives priority to loaded dump trucks leaving the open cut pit on the east side through the use of standalone solar and radar sensors.
  2. A second system brief was for oversize/over height loaded dump trucks approaching the underpass which has a maximum height of 8.5m clearance. The safety height barrier is to have a maximum loaded height clearance of 7.5m for dump trucks entering from the east side.

Jindabyne Beautification Project

The brief was to create a lighting effect through tree landscaping and standalone solar flood lighting. It would be a landmark feature for Kosciusko Rd at Jindabyne and an attraction during tourism season due to operating via renewable energy.

With the 3000 Lumen’s LED flood lighting it enable us to direct beams to highlight and create the effect required along Kosciusko road at entry point for the Jindabyne township.

Solar up lighting was positioned on both left and right entry points. The actual placement of lights was spread to create a 3D effect. The Pyrus Calleryana trees were 4m high from when we did the site inspection and the lighting position needed to be placed to make allowances for both snow season and the trees growth which would reach 20m in height at maturity.

We worked on the allowance of individual lighting systems each side of the road along the precasted concrete wall entry of Kosciusko Rd.

Lachlan Shire Council

Council had made a cost comparison to install grid connected lighting verses solar lighting, the need for public park lighting and depot security lighting was part of their project works. The immediate savings were far greater with renewable energy – it was decided to commence works for solar lighting.

We did a varied installation which included turbine and or solar panel lighting systems. Each solar lighting system was either a 40W LED or 60W LED depending upon the areas in need of a lighting solution.

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Western Plains Zoo, was looking for a lighting solution that could alleviate confusion for overnight tourist staying within the Zoo grounds. In the past due to its rural location the night entry was often missed and late night calls would follow from distressed travelers.

We did an installation which was a sensor drive operation with signage at the gate entry, The single phase solar lighting system has an auto program whereby the LED light sits at 60% output and when motion is detected at a 10m radius the luminous flux increases over 6 second time frame to 100% output.