Solar Billboard Lighting

Solar Signage Lighting At Night
Signage Solar Lighting

Product Information

Our Solar Billboard Lighting can be tailored to fit your specific requirements, no matter where the lights are located or the signage size.

These systems can work all night or for a set number of hours while traffic is high.

The systems are typically installed on the top of the billboard not only advertising the company on the billboard, but also promoting their green initiative by using solar energy to power their evening signage.


Solar Panel Power40W (High efficiency mono crystalline silicon)
Battery TypeHigh efficiency LiFePO4 L10 Lithium Battery
LED Power24W Philips
Luminous Flux3360Lm
Colour temperature2700~6500K
Discharging temperature-20c to +60c
Charging temperature-20c to +60c
Storage temperature-20c to +45c
Suggested distance between lights1.5 – 2m
Materialaviation grade aluminium
Warranty5 year parts