About Us

Asten Solar is innovative with solar lighting and cctv technologies. Our broad range of LED systems and designs allows us to offer tailored solution based outcomes for the specific requirements of any project.

Latest statistics on Wikipedia have Australia positioned in the top 20 in the world for the highest electricity costs with over 30% of all energy being for street lighting. Street lighting is one of the key necessities for evening activities creating a massive demand on our national grid impacted by the continued rising power costs.

Investment in sustainable energy is a cost effective solution to the excessive cost of street lighting. Asten Solar is at the forefront of a diverse range of products by using stand-alone solar lighting technology which provides an immediate cost savings with using any of our solar lighting or CCTV surveillance range. We work closely with our clients to make sure any lighting or surveillance brief is a success no matter how big or small the project may be.

R&D has led Asten Solar into leading edge battery technology with the Lithium-ion LifePO4 (L10 range). Our commercial solar lighting range consists of three options: turbine/panel array, the Plexus pole design and the commercial sensor drive solar lighting system. This allows our clients the option for project requirements, aesthetics and geographical locations.  Our CCTV camera range is at the forefront, with IOT wireless operation, multi-use platform and completely off-grid standalone operation.

Why solar lighting is becoming the ‘go to’ option:

Commercial solar lighting systems have grown in popularity over the past 10 years. This is because of the cost savings with both installation and no ongoing expenses. This green option, allows organisations to take control of their own environmental impact at a fraction of the cost.

Solar Lighting Sydney

Asten Solar – our mission is to provide our clients a highly reliable solar lighting solution, providing safety, security,  more economically accessible to public spaces than similar powered equivalents, all of our products meet Australian standards AS/NZS 1158

Asten Solar is committed to staying on the innovative forefront with our product line while paying close attention to evolving environmental concerns.

Applications and Benefits


  • Public Areas
  • Street Lighting & Lane Ways
  • Road & Intersection Lighting
  • Bike & Pathway Lighting
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Public Amenities & Picnic Shelters
  • Beaches
  • Subdivisions and Developments
  • Security & Perimeter Lighting
  • Hire, Events & Disaster Lighting
  • Pedestrian and Rail Crossings
  • Bus Shelters & Transit Area
  • Billboard Lighting & Signs
  • Mobile Solar Lighting Towers
  • Highway and Motorways
  • Rural Areas
  • Pontoons
  • Marinas
  • Jetties
  • Boat Ramps & Docks
  • Park and Car park lighting
  • Bus stops
  • Caravan Parks
  • Footpaths
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Markets
  • Service Stations


  • Zero Co2 emissions
  • Cost and maintenance free
  • Automatic operation
  • Crime reduction
  • Ease of surveillance
  • Creates a secure area
  • Flexible location installations
  • Positive message to the community
  • High reliability
  • Remote access monitoring
  • Timer control
  • Long lifetime
Solar Lights Australia