Solar Surveillance & Security

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Product Information

With the growing need for surveillance, solar is a great cost effective solution.

Security cameras allow you to monitor your ongoing site operations and deter costly theft or vandalism. We have systems to suite remote site locations, parks and gardens or where public safety may be of concern. The solar solution also eliminates the large cost generally associated with this type of installation

Stand alone solar CCTV is a new generation system allowing both surveillance and lighting to work simultaneously with full remote access operation, our systems are pre-configured and can be suited for temporary or fixed site locations. Remote reviewing via 4/5G networks.

The 2400/2600 CCTV leads the way in technology for solar surveillance and opens up a whole new dimension for an off grid solution at a fraction in cost compared to cabled systems. Access through a user friendly mobile app and live streaming via your smart phone or tablet, supports multiple users and password protection within system guard.


Solar panel90-200W depending on requirements (High efficiency mono crystalline 25years Lifespan)
Battery typeHigh efficiency LiFePO4 battery 2 or 5MP camera, 3/4G remote access
Lens8mm battery and charging/MPPT regulator
Mounting height4 – 6-5M IP67 / aviation aluminium